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[56] Identification 56/Planeta
Autor Wiadomość

Motocykl: Planeta
Posty: 105
Skąd: Peterborough England
Wysłany: Wto 06 Lip, 2021   [56] Identification 56/Planeta

Hello As you will probably know IZH in UK is rare and what arrives in this Country we are thankful for.
I would like you view's on this bike, registered in the UK as 1966.
Are frame and engine numbers correct?
The cylinder head look unusual.
There is no inspection cover over ignition generator, is this the correct engine?
Anything else you see that is wrong or incorrect?

1954 IZH 49, 1980 Motobecane 51V

Motocykl: Iż-49
Posty: 3236
Skąd: Brzeg Dolny
Wysłany: Sro 07 Lip, 2021   

I'm not a Planeta specialist, but in my opinion almost everything is fine with this bike. The cylinder head is correct, also the engine without the generator inspection cover is OK.

1. The motor should have the same numbers as the nameplate. This is not a big problem, at least in Poland, because nowadays the engine is treated as an ordinary spare part and can be legally replaced. Another thing is the value of the vehicle with matching numbers.

The letter И (I) suggests that the engine is from the P2 model, unfortunately I cannot say the year of production.

2. Exhaust system (silencers) - comes from Iz Jupiter. In Iz Planeta, non-dismountable silencers were used.

Motocykl: Planeta
Posty: 105
Skąd: Peterborough England
Wysłany: Sro 07 Lip, 2021   

Thank you for the reply. that will re assure the owner.
1954 IZH 49, 1980 Motobecane 51V

Motocykl: Planeta
Posty: 1272
Skąd: Rzeszów
Wysłany: Pią 09 Lip, 2021   

Full agreement with Frag's evaluation. Almost every detail is appropriate.

Original nameplate, typically worn out from Bowden cables. I do not see well, but the rivet seems to be torn or even replaced with a Phillips screw (?).

No rubber on the gear lever and passenger handle. The saddle cover is rather non-original. A typical color is a combination of black and brown with light borders and a specific, inimitable texture. The saddle rivets were aluminum. But other than that, I don't see modern replicas of parts. No alterations or damages. No visible pits or defects in galvanic coatings - it had to be well stored or refurbished.

The engine numbers seem not to be punctured. I am puzzled by this lack of compliance with the plate. But the reasons can be quite trivial - some significant engine damage and hence the replacement in full. BTW, the numbers on the frame may not be at all. If exists - it is on the upper left mount of the rear shock absorber.

It would be good to see what is under the saddle and under the carburetor and filter covers.

I will just add that the motorcycle was repainted black. Even the spokes are painted (should be galvanized - zinc coated) and the decorative stripes do not fully correspond to the factory pattern (e.g. not every embossing in the lid of the toolbox is to have a strip - it's a typical restoration mistake). The original color may still be under the nameplate (If it was not disassembled) or inside the wheel hubs. Eventually in other places with difficult access. A common color was a shade of blue or green (Soviets loved strange pastel colors), or even dicolored at a later time ("white" fenders and fuel tank). Black is rather unusual for this model and year of production.

Overall a nice bike. I would just change the color to a typical factory color from that period.
Iż Planeta '63 oraz NSU 351 OSL '38, M-72 '60, Junak M10 '64, H-D FLHRC '09, ...
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Motocykl: Planeta
Posty: 105
Skąd: Peterborough England
Wysłany: Pią 09 Lip, 2021   

Again. Thank you for your comments.
1954 IZH 49, 1980 Motobecane 51V
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